success factors

Make your market entry and business development a success!

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

(Chinese Proverb)

Long-term success in Germany and Europe!

To be successful as a Chinese company in Germany and Europe in the long-term you have to take the following 8 factors into account. We'll support you to develop a strong and distinctive foundation, to convince and inspire customers and business partners and to overcome possible prejudices, reservations and skepticism.


Excellent Brand

To stand out from the competition, your brand must highlight your unique selling proposition, your uniqueness and your awesome corporate values.


Strong image

Strong brands sustainably convince their customers and business partners. To achieve a strong image you need to be visible in the market as a reliable partner.


Added value

Customers and business partners appreciate high quality products and services. You have to convince and inspire with the unique added value of your range of services.


Customer first

You must convey that your customers' well-being is priority to you. You'll succeed when you address the right customers with the right messages at the right touchpoints. 


Ingenious concepts

Customers and business partners always want to be inspired. You need ingenious concepts from marketing, brand management and communication.


Passionate people

There are definitely cultural differences to consider, especially when addressing customers. Prepare your managers and your teams and inspire with enthusiasm. 


Growth mindset

You have to leverage your strengths and demonstrate speed, flexibility and your ambition to grow. Customers are grateful when you increase their convenience.


Perfect organization

Numerous legal and bureaucratic hurdles need to be crossed. Clear processes, a structured organization and a strong project management generates benefits to you.

Let us help you overshoot your goals in Germany and Europe!

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