Open UP new horizons.

UPgrade your market presence and elevate your business in Germany and Europe with ingenious concepts from brand management to marketing and communication.




A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth ten year's study of books.

Chinese proverb

Be successful in Germany and Europe

We create opportunities for Chinese companies to make their market entry and business development in Germany and Europe a success with brand management, marketing and communications.

New chapter in your history book.

Setting out for new markets is like writing a new chapter in the book of corporate history. It is a journey that opens up opportunities for a successful future. A journey that should be driven by curiosity and enthusiasm. As a reliable and trustworthy partner, we support you to make your market entry and business development in Germany and Europe a success and to minimize the risks and uncertainties.

Increase awareness. Inspire customers.

The markets in Germany and Europe are highly competitive. However, many companies are looking for new solutions to make their range of services and processes simpler, faster, better and more convenient. For themselves, but especially for their customers. And this is exactly your chance as a Chinese company in Germany and Europe. We'll support you to move forward in Germany and Europe.

We'll make you outstanding.

Many companies have benefited from our entrepreneur gene, our forward-looking and hands-on approach, and our impulses. Since 2006 we have been supporting German companies in China and since 2018 we have been advising Chinese companies on establishing their market presence in Germany. We'll support you to be worth seeing for German and European customers!

This is your chance for more business in Germany and Europe!


Are you ...

  • ... a company from China?

  • ... a market or a technology leader in China?

  • ...offering high-performance products and services?

  • ... able to help German or European companies to push their business?

Christian Blatt

General Manager, Hangzhou Youngsun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

“With his dedicated and powerful team, Imre supported us to significantly increase Youngsun's brand awareness and visibility outside of China. I have known Imre for over ten years as a proven global expert in brand management, marketing, communication and investor relations. With his profound understanding of the needs of Chinese companies, he has been and continues to be a valuable and competent advisor to me for strengthening the brand and market presence in overseas business, implementing measures in a targeted manner and convincing with precise project management. I will continue to work with him and his team in the future.”

Pamela Zheng

Marketing Manager, Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd.

“Since mid of 2021, the global marketing and communication department of Tederic has bee working with Imre and his Marketing and Communication Consultancy. With their professional support, we succeeded in anchoring global design relaunch of Tederic brand in Germany as well as increasing awareness in the German plastics market. At the same time, they successfully support our German sales agency, among others in building up a convincing marketing, anchoring target-orientated customer management or even increasing our presence in the trade press or on social media. We really appreciate working with them and look forward to continuing the fruitful cooperation on our way to becoming a strong global brand.”

Dr. Juerg Dossenbach

Senior Director, Eco Living Ltd.

“I appreciate Imre's consulting expertise regarding brand management, marketing and communication. He is a very important sparring partner for me as an internationally operating manager and a valuable advisor in these areas in and outside China.”

Let us help you overshoot your goals in Germany and Europe!

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